• Last updated: Mon, Jan 8, 2024Status: Published
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  • Rasmus Broms, Carl Dahlström, Jenna Najar, and Marina Nistotskaya

COVID-19 Mortality and the Structural Characteristics of Long-Term Care Facilities: Evidence from Sweden

As in many countries around the globe, older citizens in long-term care facilities (LTCFs) in Sweden were hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, but mortality varied greatly between different facilities. Current knowledge about the causes of this variation is limited. This article closes this gap by focusing on the link between the structural characteristics of LTCFs—ownership, size, and staffing—and the risk of dying from COVID-19 in Sweden during 2020. Having utilized both individual- and facility-level data, our results suggest that lower staff turnover, having a nurse employed at the facility, and smaller facility size are associated with an decreased risk of dying from COVID-19. Ownership type is not directly associated with COVID-19-related mortality, but public facilities have lower staff turnover and fewer personnel with additional employment than privately run facilities, while privately run LTCFs more often have a nurse employed at the facility.

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