• Last updated: Mon, Nov 6, 2023Status: Ongoing
  • Oskar Nordström Skans, Olof Åslund, Erik Grönqvist, and Tram Pham

Age at migration and COVID-19

This project analyzes how age at migration affected outcomes and behavior during the most severe phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project focuses primarily on outcomes in adulthood among people who immigrated to Sweden as children (or who were born just after their parents arrived).

We quantify how COVID-19 disparities differ between individuals as a function of how much of their childhood was spent in Sweden. Previous research has shown that host-country exposure during childhood have large causal effects on adulthood outcomes in such diverse dimensions such as Height, Education, Earnings and Social Integration at the Housing, Marriage and Labor markets. The project will document if these effects of early host country exposure also transmit into different health outcomes during the pandemic as measured by the incidence, hospitalization, ICU-cases and mortality, differences in protective behavior (vaccination), and assesses to what extent disparities are mediated by segregation processes.

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