• Last updated: Mon, Mar 27, 2023Status: Ongoing
  • Tove Fall, Jonas Bj√∂rk, Ulf Hammar, Per Lundmark, and Georgios Varotsis

Symptoms reported through the Swedish Healthcare Guide 1177 for disease surveillance and hospital predictions

Disease surveillance is crucial during a pandemic because it allows informed decisions and evaluation of the effectiveness of implemented policies. Our study aims to develop new methods for real-time surveillance of respiratory virus spread and to predict surges in hospital admissions based on >4 million yearly calls to the Swedish Healthcare Guide 1177 phone-line, a largely untapped resource for syndromic surveillance. We have two main aims:

  1. Development of methods to estimate the daily infection prevalence at a local level 2020-2022 based on national health inquiry calls to Swedish Healthcare Guide 1177 phone-line linked to subsequent PCR and antibody test results using COVID-19 as a model.
  2. Development of an adaptive 7-14 days forecasting model for hospital admissions for respiratory infections using data from national health inquiry calls to Swedish Healthcare Guide 1177 phone-line.

Preparation and evaluation of simplified analytical procedures for syndromic surveillance to apply in future epidemics will be a part of the study.

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